Waiheke Island Sculpture Walk

jdeheijNew Zealand 2014Leave a Comment

field apart - waiheke island sculputer walk

It was about time. The Waiheke Headland Sculpture Walk, was something I really wanted to do, but everytime I put it off. The boat to Waiheke takes an hour and I had to get up early IN THE WEEKEND! Not my favorite thing to do.

But it was the last weekend and the weather was just beautiful. So I just had to go. Waiheke Island is a beautiful place and with the beautiful weather it was even better.

When we arrived with the boat at Waiheke I walked to the pavillion, where you could get some food or drinks, meanwhile a band was playing and I admired the sculptures that were there. After a coffee I took the bus to the start of the sculpture walk. Unfortantly the bus was the only option, walking was to far.

The bus was totally full and every 10 minutes another one went. At the start of the walk it was quit busy, mostly because it was the last weekend and a really sunny saturday. The sculpture walk was really special to see with all the different installation and sculptures. My favorite was “a field apart”, something amazing to see. To see all the photo’s check my Flickr page.