My love for streetart

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Since I’ve been to Melbourne streetart intrigued me. Especially graffiti streetart, something we don’t really appreciate here in Holland. The reason for this is the fact that they only tag her in holland. Something anyone can do, really! And after I watched the movie “Exit Through The Gift Shop” I got even more intrigued by graffiti and streetart. Banksy is … Read More

A funny thing called christmas

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I was sitting in my t-shirt in Federation square, just enjoying the beautiful blue sky and the warm sun. I saw people who just finished their christmas shopping or were leaving the many different art galleries around Federation Square. Me, I was just relaxing and enjoying my time in Melbourne and looked at the cathedral, where they displayed a christmas … Read More

#frifotos: paradise#frifotos: paradise

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Paradise exists in many forms. Some people find their ultimate paradise in Spain or France and for other people their ultimate paradise is cycling through Europe or Asia. But what is paradise? I think it’s for everyone totally different and for me a very hard choice. I had an amazing time in South Thailand, it looked literally like a “Bounty” … Read More

#Frifotos: time / clocks

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This week again another #Frifotos and the theme of this week is: time / clocks and this photo doesn’t look like either of them but this photo actually represents both time and clock. The Swan Bells / Belltower in Perth….. This modern, weird thing is actually an belltower with the oldest clocks of Australia. It looks modern as hell but … Read More

Back to Brisbane

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Even een terugblik naar Brisbane…. Door de vele regen van de afgelopen dagen. Viel mijn plan een beetje in het water. Letterlijk dus. In de buurt ( een uurtje met de bus) had je een mooi national park en ook Mt. Koot Cha (een halfuurtje met de bus) waar ik graag heen wilde gaan. Maar ja, dat is niet echt … Read More