A sunny Sunday

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Okura Bush

[:en]It’s Sunday today and like many Sundays, the sun is shining. Meanwhile it’s already winter here and is it warm today (around 16 a 17 degrees) at the busstop. I’m waiting for my bus to Smales Farm busstation. Because today we are going to do a good hike in Okura Bush. Once every two weeks I’m hiking at Okura Bush … Read More

Will I stay or go?

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Everyone is waiting to see what is going to happen. Is she coming home? Or is she staying in New Zealand? At the moment I’m already 3 months in New Zealand and have extended my tourist visa to stay a little bit longer. In the beginning of December I first left for a few days in Sydney and Bondi Beach. … Read More

Waiheke Island Sculpture Walk

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field apart - waiheke island sculputer walk

It was about time. The Waiheke Headland Sculpture Walk, was something I really wanted to do, but everytime I put it off. The boat to Waiheke takes an hour and I had to get up early IN THE WEEKEND! Not my favorite thing to do. But it was the last weekend and the weather was just beautiful. So I just … Read More

Auckland 175 years anniversary weekend

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anniversary weekend auckland

During the summer in New Zealand there is always something going on in Auckland, so you will never get bored. Last weekend I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival and a few weeks ago I went to the Headland Sculpture Walk on Waiheke Island, but that is something for later. First the anniversary weekend. During this weekend, there are everywhere … Read More

Christmas roadtrip

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Meanwhile I just got back from my jobinterview in Napier, but did you know I had a job interview in Dunedin at the Otago University. I didn’t get the job, but I did get some beautiful photo’s.. Check my flickr page for all the photo’s. But first my christmas roadtrip. A few days before christmas I decided to rent a … Read More