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Jeetje mijn laatste blog was van Tiri Tiri Matangi. Dat is zeker lang geleden want ik weet nog dat het midden winter was dat ik daar was en nu is het alweer bijna zomer. ☺ Shame on me! Te druk met leven, te druk met werk, denk ik. Maar ik ga weer eens proberen om blogjes te schrijven. Misschien moet … Read More

Tiri Tiri Matangi

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[:en]It’s been a while, I know. I have been busy, busy! Working, enjoying life. But meanwhile we have been to Tiri Tiri Matangi in the middle of winter. It was amazing! If you are ever in Auckland, it’s a must see!! It’s not cheap! The ticket from britomart (centrum Auckland) was 75 dollar but it was definetly worth it and … Read More

Mindfood and Super Rugby

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super rugby

[:en]A relaxed Sunday. A good time to write a blog. The weekend started great. I finally received my passport from immigration and now I officially have a two year work visa. And now I could finally get a library card. Of course your thinking: “Why are you so exicted about a library card? Well, I will explain. Firstly, in Holland … Read More

How to survive the Auckland cold

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[:en]In Holland it’s been the longest day in the year. In New Zealand, the exact opposite. So we are heading to summer. Yesss! Allright winter isn’t like in Holland, but still.. Around average it’s about 16 degrees. So I don’t complain, but this week it was cold!! Brrrr!! Last week it was 3 degrees in Auckland in the morning. That’s … Read More