How to survive the Auckland cold

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[:en]In Holland it’s been the longest day in the year. In New Zealand, the exact opposite. So we are heading to summer. Yesss! Allright winter isn’t like in Holland, but still.. Around average it’s about 16 degrees. So I don’t complain, but this week it was cold!! Brrrr!! Last week it was 3 degrees in Auckland in the morning. That’s … Read More

Will I stay or go?

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Everyone is waiting to see what is going to happen. Is she coming home? Or is she staying in New Zealand? At the moment I’m already 3 months in New Zealand and have extended my tourist visa to stay a little bit longer. In the beginning of December I first left for a few days in Sydney and Bondi Beach. … Read More

Waiheke Island Sculpture Walk

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field apart - waiheke island sculputer walk

It was about time. The Waiheke Headland Sculpture Walk, was something I really wanted to do, but everytime I put it off. The boat to Waiheke takes an hour and I had to get up early IN THE WEEKEND! Not my favorite thing to do. But it was the last weekend and the weather was just beautiful. So I just … Read More

Auckland 175 years anniversary weekend

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anniversary weekend auckland

During the summer in New Zealand there is always something going on in Auckland, so you will never get bored. Last weekend I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival and a few weeks ago I went to the Headland Sculpture Walk on Waiheke Island, but that is something for later. First the anniversary weekend. During this weekend, there are everywhere … Read More

Christmas roadtrip

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Meanwhile I just got back from my jobinterview in Napier, but did you know I had a job interview in Dunedin at the Otago University. I didn’t get the job, but I did get some beautiful photo’s.. Check my flickr page for all the photo’s. But first my christmas roadtrip. A few days before christmas I decided to rent a … Read More