Feeling at home in Auckland

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auckland 175 years anniversary weekend

Last Saturday we were walking along the viaduct harbour and I heard someone say:”Should be an amazing place to live!” I had to smile, yes it’s definetly a great place to live. New Zealand feels to me like coming home. It feels like a country near the Netherlands that’s somewhere in the Northsee but then with a nice climate. I … Read More

Going to the middle of “Middle Earth”

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flying air new zealand

Meanwhile I’m already a month in Auckland and it really feels like ‘home’ again. I bought bicycle, looking for work, around Christmas I did a roadtrip and Franklin Road was beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. But that’s all for later. Now back in time a month. I arrived on the airport of Auckland. After a few days in Sydney I … Read More

Australia I want to hug you!

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Australia, you’re so fluffy I’m going to die! 🙂   I’m glad to be back! Third time around all ready. If I try to explain to people why Australia is such a great country it’s hard to explain. It’s the culture, the attitude, the openness the way the aussies look at the world.