Auckland 175 years anniversary weekend

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anniversary weekend auckland

During the summer in New Zealand there is always something going on in Auckland, so you will never get bored. Last weekend I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival and a few weeks ago I went to the Headland Sculpture Walk on Waiheke Island, but that is something for later.

First the anniversary weekend. During this weekend, there are everywhere around the waterfront and harbour, activities to celebrate the fact that Auckland is 175 years old. Ok, compared to Amsterdam (700 years) it’s nothing, but for the Aucklanders this is a big deal. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and at Britomart, normally a busy busstation, they had lovely beach chairs and synthecial grass to just relax and enjoy the weather. On Quay street (normally a really busy street) just down the road from Britomart they put down big boxes with photo’s from Auckland in the 1900’s. Like the old beach tramway.

An intriguing photo, because I think the tram ended up in the ocean quit a few times, because the tramway didn’t look really reliable. Also there were some beautiful old cars to be seen. If you travel around New Zealand you see them quit often. Probably imported a long time ago from Europe. There were also some sailboat races with old ships and tugboat races. Did you know they can go sidewards? Amazing to see! There were also a lot of places to get some food and at Shed 10 there was market and they showed a small video about how Auckland originated according to Maori legend.