Alice Springs To Ayers Rock Truly An Experience Of Alice In Wonderland

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The trip to Ayers Rock from Alice Springs is 3 days and 2 nights journey if planned well.


(a) The MacDonnell Ranges

You can start with a camper early morning and start the journey to Ayers Rock. Now there are two options available you can either take a cruise and sail down to Ayers Rock which is about 460-465 kms. or you can drive to the West Macdonnel National Park and proceed to Ayers Rock. The journey is very comfortable and cozy as you have road signals guiding you to Glen Helen Gorge. Glen Helen Gorge is a swimmer’s paradise with wonderful creeks and waterholes to quest your water adventure siesta. Although the water is slightly cold to swim but nevertheless it is worth a dip. After that head to Namitijira Drive and Red Centre way wherein you will be confronted to Standley Chasm a massive impressive rock with cuts in the middle, very artistic and creative. A swim in the Ellery Creek is an experience to be relished for although the creek donot have any crocodiles but you may be subjected to perverted rock wallabies glaring at you.

After having enough of Ellery Creek you can make a head way to Serpentine Gorge. This spot is sometimes wet and sometimes dry. But a good bonanza is the Ochre Pits! For years together locals have used this site for their supply of Ochre like a corner shop. It is certainly a pleasant visit. Next you may continue to Ormiston Gorge which is quite cool with its crystal clear water hole and various caves to explore. The place for camping and having cozy bonfire barbecue parties or moonlight night spree with beer and sumptuous sea food platter. Or you can go back to Alice Springs and hit the Bojangles Pub to chill.

(b) The 2nd day can be kick started early morning, in case if you took the Macdonnell Ranges route to hit the Stuart Highway, 200 kms.from Alice Springs is Erldunda gas station which is good halt for a break. Driving towards the right you will be on Lasseter Highway and Red Centre Way. Halt and take a cruise through Mt. Ebenezer and go further towards Curtain Springs. Having lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking Mount Conner which many a times is mistaken as Mount Uluru will certainly have your travel stress diluted. Driving further about 102 kms. you will reach Kata Tjuta National Park. While driving towards Ayers Rock you may witness seeing some camels through

the highway stretch(entry fee of $25 for the park is charged). Camping the campervan in Australia at Ayers Rock Resort head for amazing sunset at Uluru. The star gazing is an experience wherein you will see numerous stars in the galaxy as never ever before. This is a lifetime experience not worth a Miss!

(c) Ayers Rock and the Olgas

 The picturesque and spectacular view of the sunrise before dawn at Uluru is mind blowing. Watching the colors of the Rock change through the day is a true specimen of

Nature’s amazing and wonderful creation. Climbing Ayers Rock is easier if luck favors you with a light wind. Make sure you respect the rituals of the locals and the land as this is a sacred spot. In case you have opted to climb the Ayers Rock head towards Olgas, you will be taken aback with the rock formation equally impressive,massive and amazing as Ayers. Hiking around the area is also very relaxing and rejuvenating.

The climax of the journey can be enjoyed at Kings Canyon with heaps of fun and fiesta to linger on. Head way to Alice Springs by dropping the campervan. This certainly is a very romantic and serene destination for all those mushy-mushy lover birds welcoming the Valentine Day or Valentine hang over.

You will have an exhilarating experience of none less than “ROMAN HOLIDAY” and equally enjoy the spirit of Que sera…sera…..